Bring Your Users Back!


We all visit dozens of websites each day, maybe for work related research, time killers, news portals or others for stumbling around. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and 9GAG to name a few are examples of websites you just visit to kill time or see what your friends are up to. This kind of user product connection is really hard to achieve for many reasons. Take yourself for example, online websites/apps are arranged in form of ladders in your mind, each ladder is a category or interest, so if you’re looking for funny stuff you would usually hit 9GAG, if you have more time you would pay FunnyOrDie a visit then, and maybe, maybe have a look on the latest Vines compilation on youtube later. So it’s not just the category that matters, you came up with some sort of mind ranking for websites, and this is the same if you were to check sports, fashion or just news. You product will probably have a category already or a ladder to fall into, but your job is to move it up in this steps hierarchy. So you can do this in several ways to make this returning visit happen:

  1. Make an impression that lasts
    Your website needs to stand off, and this is in terms of aesthetics, content, usability. Just make his first visit pleasant. The website should have its own character, it might be something stupid or an easter egg somewhere but a thing that would stick after the user leaves your website. FunnyorDie was always popular with this FunnyDie meter and was easily recognizable in all their embedded videos.
  2. Content Personalized Content is King
    It’s easy to spot the user segmentation you have on your website, take 9GAG for example, there is the .GIF lover, the memes lover, the reposter and the commenter. You can use that, you just need to collect their browsing pattern and face them with what they like the most, but you don’t want to over do it, too much of the same thing might not be a good thing and the user will get bored eventually with the content so introducing him to new content every now and then might wouldnt hurt.
  3. We Missed You Emails
    Remind your registered users from now and then of your existence, send personalized emails about new content you have, or maybe that some the user’s friends have joined the website. Twitter and Pinterest do a good job using this technique, you usually get emails about popular suggestions, tweets, or new friends to follow, i can count up to 6 scenarios where Twitter uses to try to keep their user base active. The emails should add value to your website and not just a Hi We missed you Please visit us again

That’s it for now, it’s a draft but ill add a couple of ideas later maybe. And as usual, on a completely irrelevant note, you have to check The Occasional, FunnyorDie digital magazine, it’s their farewell issue, but they set how digital publishing should be done.