Rawa7 – روح.كوم دليل المواصلات العامة


Rawa7 is one of the many(wasalny, bey2ollak, wadeeny) applications that emerged in the last couple of years that tries to lessen the frustration everyone gets when driving or riding the public transportation in the crowded streets of Cairo.

The website is minimalistic (and looks old), emphasizing on the one function the app does, giving you the bus stops one place to another. The auto suggestions works for arabic text only which wasnt very convenient for me since i dont have arabic letters printed on my keyboard. I tried El Abbasia Square to Madinat Nasr, and got a route with 8 bus stops. The idea have potential but the app have several issues.


You cant really set any preference  for the ride, whether you prefer the Metro, mini-bus, a CTA or a normal bus.  Also I’m not sure of the accuracy of the results, I’m sure there is a shorter way to get to Madinat Nasr than riding a collection of 6 and 2 buses. The application also lacks a map, it would have been nice if I can view bus stops at least on some kind of map.

Overall, Rawa7 is a good idea, but the app feels incomplete and needs work on the user experience, presentation part and the data/content.